Hygiene in outlets

Overview of Hygiene Measures Implemented By L’Opéra

  • The door is opened for guests at the entrance, their temperature is checked and sanitiser is offered.
  • One door is operational at outlets with two doors to ensure every guest is attended to at the entrance.
  • Outlets’ premises are being sanitised at regular intervals.
  • Tables and chairs are sanitised as a guest vacates the table.
  • Fridge and kitchens are thoroughly cleaned everyday.
  • The cash received is kept in a separate box and is sanitised daily.
  • L’Opéra staff washes their hands and changes their gloves at regular intervals or after every monetary transaction.
  • Face masks, face shields, gloves, head covers, shoe covers and clean protective clothing are worn by all staff within the outlet premises.
  • Social distancing measures are followed and indicated through stickers placed on the floor (2 meters between tables and 1 meter between guests).
  • AC temperature is controlled so it does not go below 24°C.
  • Standard Operating Procedures are in place to monitor the health of L’Opéra staff.