L’Opéra is an authentic Patisserie, Boulangerie and Salon de The, specializing in French products in India. L’Opéra is reminiscent of true French experience adorned with elegant ambiances, top quality products and detailed services creating a sense of timeless elegance. It is a true glimpse into the capitals French destination.

Born out of the founding family’s longing for authentic French breads and pastries in India, L’Opéra was incepted in 2008 as a premium pastry and bakery chain specializing in authentic French products. The founding family’s yearning for authentic French breads and pastries in India had been growing for quite some time and eventually, when it was time for it to materialize, they envisaged L’Opéra.

The French Embassy in Delhi got involved wholeheartedly; their purpose-built kitchen was well utilised for initial samplings. Family and friends, some of whom were expats in Delhi, were very optimistic about L’Opéra and indeed, this optimism was quite instrumental in providing momentum.

The training of the staff, in the early days, was carried out intensively. Quite a few French chefs, including one co-founder of the renowned French culinary institution Lenôtre, rigorously trained the staff in the techniques of culinary excellence and ensured that no detail was glanced over; there had to be absolutely no compromise on quality. Soon after this initial phase, L’Opéra succeeded in bringing the authentic French experience to the heart of the Indian capital. The home delivery service was launched in 2010 and after much encouragement from expats and Indians alike, who were awed by L’Opéra’s offerings, the first L’Opéra outlet opened its doors in March 2011 in Khan Market, one of the most prestigious markets in Delhi. The L’Opéra venture has since grown exponentially, both in terms of repute and number of outlets. With the founding family deeply involved with the brand, it’s rest assured that patrons enjoy a complete traditional French experience every time.